Briggs House

Photo of Briggs House, Raleigh NC
Briggs House

Briggs House was built in the very early 1900’s.  This is it with an ugly commercial structure attached to the front.  Super cool house that has been abused and neglected but still maintains a great amount of original architectural detail (elegant stairway, unique mantles, wood windows and more).

To be saved, the house must be moved.  That’s why you can have it for free.  Learn more about this at Preservation North Carolina.  Additionally, Goodnight Raleigh has a great post concerning Briggs House.

I took this photo because of the interesting exterior art.  Not sure what this serpentine cascading series of circles represents – but I like it.  The artwork is relatively new and has been repeated more modestly (reverting at times to graffiti) in other parts of town.

A Long Hiatus

OK – One thing I’ve learned.  Blogging is hard.
Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

This venture was started in 2007 with great enthusiasm.  Things were going well until allocated blogging-time came under attack.  Several significant occurrences joined forces and killed the momentum.  Destroyed the focus.

Here are a couple of them.

Major Massive Irreversible Computer Crash.  Want to talk about a buzz kill.  One moment your computer is feeling fine.  The next minute it has given up the ghost and taken all your important stuff to never-never land.

Reduction in Business.  Raleigh real estate has not suffered like other parts of the country, but I hit a slow patch.  I expect said slow patch should only be blamed on me.

Marriage.  Mine.  The opposite of a buzz kill (a buzz revival).  Nevertheless, other things took a back seat.  Interestingly, during that time, I did notice a few unidentified flying objects oinking across the sky (this is North Carolina).  Judy – I love you.

Sick Friend – We all miss Gary.

Let’s try this again – But in a slower, gentler manner.
I may still be doing it wrong – Time will tell.