Crabtree Jones House

Photos of Crabtree Jones House are easy to find these days.  Here I add my photos to the mix.

Crabtree Jones is a very cool house and, as happens with historic homes, comes with a little history mystery.
Which is the oldest part of the house?
What will paint dendrochronology reveal?
Who painted that fantastic mural embedded in a fireplace mantel?  And what can we learn from it?
What was the design of the original porch? Did it have an original porch?
What’s up with the stairway?
Who created that wonderful yard art? And where did it go?  Not really a house question, but I really enjoyed the curvy little mushrooming ceramic house in the front yard.

Below are a few links to assist with answers, and perhaps raise more questions.

Perservation North Carolina

NCSU Libraries – Crabtree Jones House Drawings

Meredith College – Crabtree Jones Concepts

News & Observer article with amazing time lapse video of the Move

GoodNight Raleigh

Crabtree Jones house is now nestled in a neighborhood about 700 yards from it’s original site.  It’s been proudly embraced by it’s now closer neighbors in Crabtree Heights.

Interested in becoming the new owner of one of the most important homes in Raleigh?  If so, Crabtree Jones House is available as of this post.  Renovation costs are estimated to be in the range of $400,000.
Contact PNC or Paul Setliff to learn more about the opportunity.

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