Moore Square: A Raleigh Original

Periodically we all need to decompress.  I just returned from a “decompression” stroll through Moore Square.  What I found is a great place to daydream while absorbing the bustle of Raleigh.

Moore Square is a micro melting pot.  Kids playing energetic games, homeless patiently waiting for services, workers casually strolling or sitting, people boarding buses, bicyclists, folks enjoying lunch, one panhandler.   Lots of laughing, talking and contemplating.  Many colors and more than one language.  Quite refreshing.

Moore Square in Downtown Raleigh

Of Raleigh’s four original parks (each equidistant from the Capitol) only two remain intact.  Moore Square and Nash Square are the 2 survivors.  One of the lost parks is now home to the Executive Mansion.  The other is covered by an unfortunate pile of office buildings.

Moore Square is surrounded by lots of diverse stuff which contributes to the everyday activity.    Throughout the year, Moore Square sees an abundance of special events.  It’s also listed on the National Register of historic places.

If you want to live near the ambience of Moore Square, there are several residential options.