Surf’s Up In Raleigh

This is a North Carolina real estate blog focused on Raleigh (the Capital City) and surrounding communities (the Triangle).

Though local issues should be the focus, topics will not be strictly limited to local issues – that would take some of the fun out of it.  It would be unreasonable to stay away from State and National stuff.  Admittedly, all real estate is local, but the industry is governed by the State and is affected by what’s happening nationally.  It’s all very connected.  How many folks in the midst of a relocation have been shackled by the sale-ability (is that a word?) of property in another state?  A lot.

Today, there are 16,814 single family residential homes listed for sale in the Triangle MLS system and more unaccounted for by TMLS.  Additionally, there are 4,050 single family TMLS listings under contract – waiting to close (and more unaccounted for by TMLS).  Throw in multi-family residences and the total number of homes in transition today around Raleigh must be somewhere in the mid 20,000’s.  A lot.

Each of these individual homes has a gaggle of people (sellers, buyers, renters, agents, builders, architects, lenders, attorneys, title folks, inspectors, neighbors, the government and more) with a personal stake in the ultimate resolution of the transaction.  A lot.

Additionally, many folks who do not own property want to buy real estate.  On the flip side, everyone who owns property will sell it.  If they don’t sell it, someone will sell it for them.  We are all connected financially and emotionally to real estate.  There is extreme interest in the happenings of the real estate world.

I’m a newbie at this, but I’ll start posting.  I’m sure this venture will be a challenge and I may stumble a bit.  It’s actually quite an interesting, intimidating, exciting thing.  This is my all important first official post to this new plain vanilla blog.  As soon as I learn how to spruce things up – I will.

I know the surfing thing is corny – but it’s fun and seems appropriate.  In my past life I spent a lot of time actually surfing – and I miss it.  So, let’s paddle out and check the waves.